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10 Incredibly Useful Things You Had No Idea Your Apple Watch Can Do

We all knew it was excellent for giving you notifications, and, obviously, for giving the time. You might be one of the fortunate people to get a new Apple Watch this Christmas season. That wouldn’t be a surprise as they were discounted at ludicrously low prices and the fact that Apple has sold an unprecedented number of its Series 5 and Series 3 smartwatches. We bet you that you didn’t have any idea it could do the following ten things too.

1. Inverse The Display and Crown.

You may just realize you could do this, yet you probably haven’t realized how valuable this feature truly is. It places the crown in a significantly more unintrusive place that won’t inadvertently increase your volume or turn on Siri.

2. Control Your Apple TV

In case you lose or misplace the remote that Apple ships with the Apple TV, your Apple Watch have an application for that. Simply open the Remote application on your Apple Watch and you can swipe your way to your most loved Netflix or Disney+ film.

3. Set Your Watch Ahead

Back in the day when we wore simple watches, it wasn’t uncommon to set it a few minutes earlier. it helped get things on schedule and never be late. Did you know that you can do the same on your Apple Watch? Simply go to the settings app on the watch, select “Clock” and look over the advanced crown to modify the time appeared at 59 minutes.

4. Share Your Location with iMessage

Have you at any point tried to let a friend or mate know where to meet and share your location? It can be quite a pain. Fortunately, your Apple smartwatch makes it simple. From the iMessage chat itself, simply force touch the display and then select the pin option to share your exact location. They’ll get a message with your place on a map and will even get directions on how to get to you. Cool isn’t it?

5. Set a Reminder for When You Get Home

Siri and the Reminders app are the best mix on the iPhone, and the equivalent is valid with your Apple watch. Simply raise the smartwatch up, and tell it something like “Hello Siri, remind me to check my emails when I return home.” She will.

6. Find Your iPhone App

Let’s be honest, the main reason most of us don’t lose our watch is for the fact that we wear it on our wrist. The same applies to our iPhones. Luckily, if you have an Apple Watch, you can ‘ping’ your iPhone and it will make a sound, helping you work out where you left it. You simply swipe up the base of the watch face, tap the iPhone icon and you are done. Top dog!

7. Recognize Background Music

Without a doubt, Shazam is extraordinary, but, who really needs it? Siri can do the same for you on your Apple Watch, just by raising your watch and asking her “Hello Siri, what tune is this?”. As a matter of fact, Apple purchased Shazam and had the audacity of providing it built-in within the iOS, which means that you can get a similar result without using a different app. In addition to this, Siri will automatically add them to your Shazam library so you can return later and check out your favorite picks. Brilliant integration.

8. Unlock Your Mac

It is really cool and practical to wake up your MacBook Pro and have it unlock automatically with your Apple Smartwatch. The coolest thing is that no password or TouchID needed in the process. All you need is to ensure you have your Watch unlocked and your MacBook must have been opened once with your password. Simple!

9. Take Picture on Your iPhone

Selfies are amazing and everyone is at it, yet once in a while, you need somewhat more space to fit everybody in, including yourself. You presumably set your iPhone timer and pray for the best. However, there is a far superior alternative using your Apple Watch.

Simply open the Camera application on your Watch, which opens the equivalent on your iPhone’s. It will give you a live preview and will enable you to either hit the shutter or set a three-second window, which is all you need to drop your arm back to the right position and take the ideal photograph. You can even check the photo taken directly on your watch. That is what I call cool and a time saver.

10. Setting the Dock with Your Favorites

By pressing the side button (not to be mistaken for the digital crown) you can get to the dock on your Watch. It will either pull up your recently used applications, or you can decide to have it pull up a listing of your favorites. To make the changes, open the Watch application on your iPhone, select “Dock” and pick “Favorites”. You will then be able to change the list of applications that show up, which is an extremely helpful way to have quick access to the ones you use the most.

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