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Best 4K TVs

Best 4K TV in 2020

Choosing the best 4K TVs can be quite a daunting experience as it is not all about resolution. It is about the type of panel, whether OLED, QLED, and then other factors such as quality of sound, HDR features and so many more. You don’t need to go for the most expensive TV set as a cheaper option or even a budget option might suit your needs better. Compiling this list for the best 4K TV in 2020 we have taken into account all of these factors and provide TV sets for all budgets and situations.

You have to bear in mind though that you get what you pay for and you should not expect top-end features in a low-end budget TV. This is the same with everything in life and here it is no different. Saying that some budget 4K TVs pack quite a punch and in some areas can easily go head to head with the higher-end TV sets. Ultimately, all of these TV sets will give you unbelievable value for money and amazing quality.

Why choosing 4K over HD? You might argue that the human eye will struggle to appreciate the increased resolution, but the fact is that you do see the increased resolution. HD looks stunning and if you need to zoom into the image, you still get amazingly sharp images. The color palette and image rendering is incredible. Plus the range of additional features in these TVs really makes it worth it.

Want the best sound possible? Check out our roundup of the best soundbars too. We regularly update this list or guide with new suggestions and new models so keep on checking back to see what replaces the leading models of today.

Samsung Q90R QLED 4K TV

Samsung Q90R


  • Quantum-dot to improve color accuracy
  • 1,300 nits brightness
  • Excellent set-up and user interface
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Low lag experience for gaming


  • No Dolby Vision support
  • Offers only 4K Resolution
  • Overly bright HDR
  • Bluish tint on screen edges
  • Motion processing not perfect

The Samsung Q90R QLED 4K TV has amazing wide-angle viewing technology that makes the contrast and colors consistent in every environment and wherever you look at it from. So even you are not watching right in front but from an angle, the picture is so much better, sharp and crispy than any other brand we have seen so far. Also, the anti-reflective filter is a one-of-a-kind feature that deserves superb recognition.

The slender bezel that surrounds the panel is thin enough to not affect the picture on-screen, providing sharp and bright backlight (with a peak brightness of 2000 nits and around 500 dimming zones). Also, Samsung made a TV stand that is similar to an iMac making the space underneath the TV a perfect place for a soundbar.

The Q90R is great for its color quality and excellent dark details with a comprehensive and proven operating system to run it. This is a backlit TV that will give you black like an OLED TV so the image will always look rich, sharp, and vibrant. This is an outstanding 4K TV, in every sense. The range of features, amazing image quality, and looks make this Samsung TV one of the best we have ever seen. To be honest with you, we were impressed with the picture quality and overall experience. We highly recommend it. You buy this and you have a TV for years to come, hands down one of the best investments you will ever make.

LG C9 Series 4K OLED TV




  • Smart TV with Google Assistant
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Slim and stylish design
  • Great contrast with a wide range of colors
  • Full bandwidth HDMI 2.1


  • OLED TVs are reflective and have a higher chance of burn-in
  • OLED TVs are not as bright as QLED TVs
  • A limited selection of digital streaming platforms
  • TV slightly wobbles on stand
  • Quite expensive

C9 is LG’s most attractive all-round OLED TV in the market today. From the design down to the price, this is the most affordable LG TV that provides the latest picture processor from LG, Alpha 9 Generation 2. The stellar picture the TV set renders along with an excellent operating system inside operating the TV makes the LG C9 one of the best TVs that we have tested.

The 65-inch LG OLED65c9 is undeniably beautiful, as well as the smaller 55-in OLED55C9, and 77-inch OLED77C9. Unlike LCD screens, OLED TVs have overly thin rear with a metallic polished finish, as well as the TV stand, which gives an elegant look. The frame around the screen is also narrow making it easier to focus on the TV screen’s amazing pictures. Thanks to LG C9’s powerful processor and with a little bit of tweaking, the sharpness and details that you get will blow you away. Its TruMotion lessens the vibration as long as you stay in the lowest power setting. And the result is a cleaner, clearer, and full picture quality.

The LG C9 OLED 4K TV pushes the envelope in terms of how much performance you can squeeze out of an OLED TV but LG has done an amazing job that exceeded our expectations. It brings outstanding picture quality with a super smooth OS as well as an elegant and sleek design. There will be no problem for gamers because this TV has only 13ms of input lag which is as low as you can get on any TV today, so this will put a cheeky grin on your face. This TV is outstanding in every sense of the word.

Sony Bravia Master Series A9G XBR-55A9G 4K TV


Sony XBR-65A9G


  • Outstanding picture quality with perfect contrast and black levels
  • Excellent color interpretation for both normal and HDR content
  • Superb wide viewing angles
  • Great sound quality
  • Attractive design and features


  • High-risk of a burn-in, a common problem for OLED TVs
  • Not the ideal brightness as expected
  • Gaming and Connectivity issues
  • Average sound system
  • Quite expensive compared to other OLED TVs

Sony’s latest creation, the Master Series A9G, delivers excellent picture quality with Google Assistant and an awesome built-in sound system. The Sony A9G is known for providing the best built-in audio experience of all flat-screen panel TVs in the market due to its Acoustic Surface Audio+. It creates 2.2 channel sound directly from the screen which is an amazing feat. The Sony Master Series A9G 4K TV has been given recognition in the Best TVs of 2020 Gear Guide as the Best TV for Both Picture and Out of the Box Sound Quality. With its incredible picture and tons of features, it deserves all the attention and awards it gets.

Sony has once again proved that years of expertise in developing superior TVs results in a masterpiece with their Master Series A9G 4K TV. What you get here is an all-round TV that works for everything, movies, live TV, games, you name it, the Sony A9G will provide you with stunning images and a wealth of settings to adjust things to your liking. Despite some color issues, the A9G still generates excellent, clean, and detailed pictures, thanks to its excellent contrast ratio. This TV excels in almost every aspect and if you have the cash and can afford it, don’t think twice, you won’t regret it.

Sony X950G 4K TV


Sony X950G 75 Inch TV


  • Attractive and sleek design
  • Excellent Android TV 8.0
  • Latest remote control model
  • Stunning and vivid colors
  • Outstanding HDR highlight detail


  • Very expensive for its picture quality
  • Black levels need improvement
  • Backlights show noticeable halos
  • Wide viewing angles applied on large sizes only
  • Average sound quality

The XBR-X950G is one of the largest 4K Android TVs in the market at a range between 55 and 85inch and we are in no doubt that most people would fall in love with the massive 85inch TV. We can definitely say that we totally did!! It is a mid-range TV that offers excellent picture quality at a great price.

Thanks to its Triluminos Display Technology, Full Array Local Dimming (FALD) and Boosting, the X950G displays stunning and bright images that will keep you wondering, can this get any more beautiful? Sony uses the X1 Ultimate Picture Processor to power and run the X950G and features X-Wide Angle Technology for a wide viewing angle. This technology allows viewers to enjoy incredibly clear and crisp 4K HDR picture quality from any seat in the house without affecting the color and contrast.

Without a doubt, The Sony X950G 4K TV is a beautiful TV made for those who enjoy cinematic experiences. It may lack brightness intensity that other TV sets provide but it creates sharp, crisp and detailed images with great colors and perfect black levels, giving you a truly exceptional experience.





  • Perfect black levels and uniformity
  • Rich contrast picture quality
  • Good Smart TV and OS
  • High-end design
  • Low Price


  • High risk of burn-in with static content
  • ABL is a little bit distracting
  • Pictures are not detailed compared to C9
  • Lagging problem unlike TVs with Alpha 9 Generation 2 processor
  • Built quality matches its price range

Read our full LG B9 4K TV Review

At first glance, you might think that LG B9 is similar to LG C9 in terms of the overall look. Both have a minimal bezel that holds the panel and small LED at the bottom to show the power state of the TV. But if you look closely you will notice that the LG B9 has a sharply-angled trapezium shape unlike LG C9’s wider rectangular-curved stand to help lead the audio out towards the viewers. Since B9 is way cheaper than C9, you can expect that the materials used are of lower quality, I mean honestly, for half the price, it makes perfect sense and it shouldn’t be something that you can really complain much about it. Something’s gotta give!! But even if it’s a plastic case, it still manages to display its thin flat-screen panel with four HMDI 2.0 ports. It also has three USB 2.0, Common Interface (CI), HDMI ARC, Ethernet, antenna, and optical inputs.

Are you on a tight budget but still hope for a good quality OLED TV? Then quit wishful thinking and check out the budget LG B9 OLED 4K TV. LG delivers on the promise of providing a cheaper OLED TV with perfect contrast and a huge range of bright colors. The LG B9 is a great 4K TV that brings high-end OLED technology available at a lower price than we’ve ever seen before. The B9 gives amazing value for money, it really does. More than its price, it is a strong OLED TV with excellent image quality, superb gaming experience, and one of the best smart TV systems we have tested.

Vizio M Series Quantum 4K TV


VIZIO M658-G1 M-Series Quantum 65” 4K HDR Smart TV


  • Quantum-dot display provides an impressive range of colors
  • Full array local dimming for excellent HDR performance
  • Good audio quality
  • Smart TV integration
  • Great price


  • Limited selection on TV apps
  • Poor upscaling
  • Standard remote and TV design
  • Average dirty screen effect (DSE)
  • Complicated features

When you compare most Vizio TVs to other high-end 4K TVs you can clearly see that they are not really the cutting-edge-type in terms of the design but they still look stylish and elegant. Taking into consideration the difference in price, it is a compromise most will be happy to take. The super-thin bezel around the edges and a thicker bezel on the bottom give the M Series Quantum a sleek and stylish look. Also, its strong thin metal legs are great on any TV stand or entertainment center and actually makes it look really good.

Connectivity on the back of the TV consist of four HDMI ports, including one for the HDMI ARC. You also get USB and Ethernet ports along with optical digital and stereo analogue audio output. Unfortunately, the Vizio M Series Quantum does not support HDMI 2.1, but given its price range, it is a compromise most won’t even notice.

The Vizio M-Series Quantum 4K TV offers outstanding image quality with quantum dot technology and Smartcast as the Operating System, all at a relatively affordable price. It is far from perfect but in this price range, you won’t find anything anywhere near close in terms of image quality and overall functionality. We were surprised by its Dolby surround feature and the sound quality. Yes, it won’t compare to the higher-end (4 times the price) 4K TV sets but if you don’t want to splash out on that kind of money, the Vizio M series is the way to go, without a doubt.

Best 4K TV Sets in 2020
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