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Baby Bottle Sterilizers

Whether you’re formula feeding, breastfeeding or figuring out the best combination of the two, all new parents need to invest in a steriliser; a vital piece of kit which ensures all feeding equipment stays sterile and free of nasty bacteria.

There are lots of different options on the market. Some prefer a more traditional cold water steriliser, which doesn’t require plugging in, while others opt for a steam steriliser (of which there are both microwave and electronic options).

They also come in different shapes and sizes and it can be worth investing in both a smaller, portable steriliser for when you’re out and about and a larger unit for your kitchen. You won’t be able to protect your baby from everything out there, but you can absolutely take steps to make sure they aren’t drinking germs along with their milk. Having one of the best baby bottle sterilizers will cut down on some of your worries as a new parent.

  • Dr. Brown’s Microwave Steam Sterilizer

    Fits 4 Standard or 4 Wide-Neck Dr. Brown’s baby bottles
    Custom tray molded for Dr. Brown’s bottles and parts
    Steam heat effectively kills all common household bacteria
    Sterilizes bottles, parts and nipples
    Perfect for pacifiers and training cups, too

  • Fast Baby Bottle Warmer Sterilizer

    6-in-1 multi-function: Fast Warming /Sterilizing/Food Heating/Normal Warming /Fast Defrosting/Constant Defrosting. This do-it-all machine deserves to be owned by growing families.

    Fast Warming and Sterilizing: 30ml water makes enough steam to heat the milk well between 3-7 minutes, Drink at any time to prevent the baby from crying. Keep baby food warm in 6 hours. Heating baby food with water insulation is healthier for infants. Auto Power-off when the heating or sterilizing completes. Safer and more convenient.

    • Care Instructions: other
    • Fabric/Material: stainless steel
    • Dimensions: 0.4 inches (H) x 6.0 inches (W) x 6.0 inches (L)
    • Weight: 2.3 pounds

  • Papablic Baby Bottle Electric Steam Sterilizer and Dryer

    COMPLETE CLEAN: Penetrating steam at a higher temperature than your dishwasher for reliable sanitization.
    3-IN-1 DESIGN: With one twist of a dial, you can sterilize with steam, dry completely with hot air, and deodorize to clean from start to finish.
    LARGE CAPACITY: Set-up the sanitizer with three different stacking options to clean up to 11 bottles and accessories like teethers, pacifiers, and plastic toys at once.
    CLEAN STORAGE: Keep sanitized bottles and accessories safe in a sterilized environment for over 12 hours.

  • TBI-Pro Bottle Warmer 5-in-1 BPA-Free

    This reliable baby bottle warmer is made of high-quality BPA-free materials using cutting-edge technology to make feeding easier. Warming up breastmilk and formula requires precise temperature control to ensure that no nutritional value is lost in the heating process. With accurate, user-friendly LCD touchscreen controls, you can set the temperature, manage delayed start times, and choose from 5 convenient device functions. Now you can spend more time with your baby and less time in the kitchen.

  • Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep

    The Tommee Tippee Closer to nature prep machine makes a fresh bottle at just the right serving temperature in less than 2 minutes. When the baby arrives there’s so much to do and to think about, so many things to juggle, so much that’s new and challenging. That’s why Tommee Tippee has created the prep machine. Specially designed to make preparing formula bottles quicker and more accurate, prep gives parents the extra peace of mind that comes from knowing the baby’s bottle will be ideal every time.
    For hygiene and safety reasons you should clean your unit on a regular basis.

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