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Dash Cams For Your Car

Safety should be paramount with anything that involves cars and roads. Dashboard cameras, or dash cams, come in all shapes and sizes, with feature sets and prices of all sorts. Finding the right option can be mission impossible. You have to consider the image resolution, recording time, driver-assistant technology, size, recording time, price, and so on.

Regardless of what appeals to one user or another, the very basics are simple and in general terms, universally shared. These are cameras recording a front-facing view of the road ahead as you drive. If you should be unfortunate enough to have an accident or witness one, the camera saves the footage to an SD card. From that point on, it is ready to be used as evidence with the police or your insurance company. This can literally mean winning or losing a claim or criminal charges, it is that simple.

In fact, plenty of insurers now offer discounts if you choose to fit a dash camera, leading to long-term savings. The rise of crooks trying it on with a “crash for cash” has led to insurers offering premiums of 10% to 15%. With public roads sometimes resembling a battleground it makes more sense than ever to have a dash cam in your car. Commuters and delivery drivers jostle with school-runners, not to mention cyclists and pedestrians, it simply makes sense.

Some remain permanently attached to your windscreen and start recording when you fire up the ignition. Others can be stored in your glovebox, then clipped to a magnetic dock on the windscreen for each journey.  Some models can be hooked up to a second, rearwards-facing camera, and other systems record time-lapse footage for a couple of days after you last parked, thanks to feeding off the car’s battery.

  • KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD Dash Cam

    The KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD uses one of the latest dashcam designs, the rearview mirror design. This lets you place your dashcam monitor in a convenient spot, where you can quickly glance and view the footage from your cameras. The KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD camera also includes the features that you’d expect. You get accident detection, auto-off, and loop recording. The real advantage of this system is the ultra HD recording. You get to record in 1296P HD which is far better than most dashcams in the market

  • KDLINKS X1 GPS HD Dashboard Camera

    There are a number of salient features of this top end dashboard camera which makes it a good investment. An 8 GB SD card comes with the package so that you can unbox and use it right away. Power cords, MicroSD card adapters and a GPS mounted suction cup is also provided. The KDLINKS X1 Full HD has some interesting features and lacks others, but overall it does what it is expected to, take crisp high definition quality videos in all lighting situations. So far, we hold this as the best dash cam for 2018.

  • Rexing V1 Dash Cam

    Daytime video quality is good, with great vivid colours and well-defined details. It’s a bit difficult to read license plates of cars driving by at high speed though.

    Night time video is fair. Visibility is good on a well-lit parking lot, less good on a dark road. Readability of nearby license plates is hit-and-miss and depends on the lighting conditions.

  • WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam

    This super high definition dash cam is a very interesting device indeed. Not only is the video quality crystal clear for the money, but with added features such as integrated GPS, full installation kit, included MicroSD card and 2 sticky mounts plus 1 suction cup, it is a very valuable piece of technology that shouldn’t be bypassed. Moderately priced within its high-end category, we think this one will cause quite a stir in the coming months for all the right reasons.

  • YI 2.7″ Screen Full HD 1080P60 Dashboard Camera

    With the ADAS in place, ensuring that you are driving as safely as possible, due to the high-tech camera which will make sure that you don’t miss a single thing while you’re recording, this is a dash cam that you can really rely on. The fact that it’s not expensive is only a plus.

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