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Best Cell Phone Stands/ Holders for Your Phone

Let’s face it: we are spending an ever-increasing amount of time with our smart devices. Whether we’re using it to watch YouTube, read the news or make a video call, more often than not it is a real hassle to find a good position. Not only that but if you are at work and rely on your phone for updates of any kind (staff on location, a crew on set, etc) you want something that is practical and, why not, looks good. Phone stands/ holders are designed specifically to solve this modern-day problem.

We have all done it, misplacing or dropping our expensive phone, trying to multitask while maintaining a steady grip on our phone. Bad posture can result in a stiff neck and numb wrists and fingers while holding or trying to hold the phone in the most comfortable position. If you are one of those then it’s time to purchase a phone stand. But where to start? With so many options, finding out which cell phone stand is best can be tough.

There are several styles of cell phone support systems on the market. We put the top options out there to the test and have come up with our hand-picked selection of the best five phone stands for you.

  • Aduro Solid-Grip Phone Holder

    Basic, entry phone holder model. It might not be as heavy duty as more expensive items for it will do as long as you don’t abuse it Holds anything from iPhone to Galaxy & Universal Smartphones to GPS, Camera etc. The Aduro Solid-Grip Phone Holder can adjust to fit anything up to 3″ inch in thickness.m

  • Avantree CP901L Cell Phone Holder

    Avantree Cell Phone Holder Clip On Lamp

    Avantree Cell Phone Holder bends on every which way you need it and stays to that shape. The clamp is tight and secure. Depending on the fixing platform, it might wobble ever so slightly if you walk or move near it but it stops quickly once there is no movement. Ideal if you play mobile games, video conference or similar activity that requires holding the phone for long periods of time. For versatility, we recommend it highly.

  • GloryBear Cell Phone Clip on Stand Holder

    • This phone holder fits for most brands smartphone in the market including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Sony, Motorola, Nokia, Huawei, HTC, LG, etc.
    • With the maximum height of 31.5 inches, you can adjust the height and angle to get the best position by bending and rotating the holder. Just choose a perfect angle for you. The holder has a strong clamp to hold your Phone securely. It’s easy to attach on almost any furniture such as table and bookshelf. Perfect for use with smartphones to watch movies & enjoy music in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, gym and office.

  • Lamicall Cell Phone Stand

    Lamicall Cell Phone Stand fits any phone perfectly in both vertical & horizontal orientation. It feels secure and the phone is easy to grab regardless of whether the phone is charging or simply resting. All branding on the stand is on the back side so it doesn’t feel intrusive. The front of the stand is somewhat minimalist, both clean & sleek. This is the stand you want to buy, great design, simple yet effective.

  • OMOTON 2-in-1 Phone & Watch Stand

    OMOTON 2 in 1 Universal Desktop Cell Phone Stand and Apple Watch Stand. Stable. Elegant. Durable. Regardless of how you measure the quality of a stand, OMOTON stand is always better than you need.

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